Unarchive sources and upload all files (including invisible .htaccess file) on your server. All needed is already included in the sources. Once the download finished, you can go to your site.
For more informations about installation, installation on a local server, etc., you should look at If you encounter some problems with the installation, I advise you to follow this link :

Managing site (panel)

The panel is the site management interface to configure your site, add or delete content. Go to panel with the username "admin" and password as "admin" (remember to change the password).

Quick formating

1. Set your website (name, styles, buttons)

In Menu > Site Settings, complete the general settings and change the style settings (font family, colors). The last section (advanced changes) can be left empty.

2. Set your content

In Menu > Dashboard, you reach the part that lets you create, edit and delete pages. Services, skills, team, showcase and contact pages are already installed. You can show/hide this pages as sections on homepage by adding/removing content. And you can show/hide this pages in the menu by making them visible/invisible in the panel. You can also create new default pages.

Advanced Formatting

1. CSS Styles

In Menu > Site Settings, "Advanced Changes" section allows you to enter directly CSS :

html {font-size: 110%; }

2. Change section order on homepage

To change the order of homepage section, open "site/templates/home.php" and change order of the lines :

<!-- Order homepage sections by changing order of following snippets : -->
<?php snippet('section-services') ?>
<?php snippet('section-showcase', ['limit' => 6]) ?>
<?php snippet('section-share') ?>
<?php snippet('section-text') ?>
<?php snippet('section-team') ?>
<?php snippet('section-skills') ?>
<?php snippet('section-client') ?>
<?php snippet('section-blog', ['limit' => 3]) ?>
<?php snippet('section-contact') ?>
<?php snippet('section-social') ?>

3. Create a section for the homepage

To create a new section. Create a new php file in /site/snippets/ called for exemple "new-section.php". Make sure to begin and finish your code by this lines :

<section class="row" id="new-section">
<div class="container">

Your content here


The class ".container" can be removed if you want your content to be full width.
Then, add a new line in "site/templates/home.php" where you want it to appear :

<?php snippet('new-section') ?>


If you need support for installation on your server, customization of design or functionalities, or for more information you can contact me at


Feel free to send me a link to your website to the "made with" page.